Character list of block Basic Latin with type Control char

General category "Cc" in the Unicode specification.

Control characters are an important part of the Unicode standard. They are used for formatting and control functions in text processing, such as indicating a new line, a tab, or a carriage return. Control characters are not normally displayed as characters in text, but instead are interpreted by software to affect the formatting or behavior of text in some way.

The Control Characters group is part of the Basic Latin block within Unicode, which contains many other useful symbols and marks that can be used when writing code or entering data into computer systems. Control Characters have specific codes associated with them and they act as instructions to programs on how to interpret certain inputs. When combined with other character sets, they can create complex user interfaces and help automate tasks like sending emails or displaying web pages correctly.

Control Characters provide powerful tools for developers who need to format their output correctly without having to manually enter every single character themselves. By using Control Characters, it's possible to quickly move between lines, add spaces between words, insert tabs into documents and much more without any extra effort from the programmer's side – all these operations will be handled by the program itself automatically based on what Control.