Character list of block Basic Latin with type Uppercase letter

General category "Lu" in the Unicode specification.

The Unicode "Basic Latin" block contains a wide range of characters, including the standard ASCII characters which are used to write plain text in English. Among these characters is an extensive list of uppercase letters that make up the alphabet (A-Z). The main purpose of uppercase letters is to denote the beginning of a sentence or proper nouns such as proper names and places. Also, they are also used for abbreviations, acronyms, and other forms of writing.

Uppercase letters play an important role in writing since they help in creating readability and structure within texts. They help distinguish between different semantic elements such as titles, sentences, phrases and words. As a result, readers can easily identify each element within the text and can quickly assess its meaning without having to read through every single word.

When using uppercase letters, there are various rules that should be followed to make sure consistency within written documents. For example, all proper nouns must be spelt with uppercase letters, whilst all other words should be lowercase unless they form part of an abbreviation or acronym where they will then take on their own form - this could include being capitalised fully or partially depending on the context.